Cosmetic Dentistry Services
Novaline Dental in Manassas, Virginia

A beautiful smile communicates good health, happiness, and confidence. Give yourself a smile that makes you feel great with one of our cosmetic dentistry options. Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized field of dentistry that focuses on improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth, gums, and bite. It is a popular and effective way to enhance the overall appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence.


At Novaline Dental in Manassas, our knowledgeable dentists are committed to providing high-quality cosmetic dentistry services that give you the confident and beautiful smile you deserve. We offer the following services:

TOOTH-WHITENING | This is one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services. We offer different tooth whitening options that suit individual needs, including Take-home Whitening and Zoom (in-office) whitening. Call us today to find out more about available whitening treatments.


TOOTH-COLORED FILLINGS | We never use amalgam or metal fillings. When we fix a cavity, we restore your teeth using beautiful, natural looking, tooth-colored fillings. Tooth colored fillings are made with a special composite that perfectly blends in with your natural teeth.

PORCELAIN VENEERS | Veneers allow us to reshape your teeth and dramatically enhance your smile. Veneers are used to make teeth appear straighter and brighter without braces or tooth-whitening. They are also used to mask the appearance of damage or close gaps between teeth.

 |A crown, also referred to as cap, is used to entirely cover a damaged tooth. A crown not only strengthens the tooth, it dramatically enhances the tooth’s appearance, shape and alignment. Crowns may be used to replace a large filling when there is little tooth structure remaining; to restore a fractured tooth or protect a weak tooth from fracturing; or to cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment. Our porcelain dental crowns are made with the highest quality materials to perfectly mimic the appearance of your natural teeth.

PORCELAIN BRIDGE |A bridge is one option for filling the space created by a missing tooth. One or two artificial teeth are attached to the adjacent teeth on either side for support, creating a “bridge.” The bridge replaces missing teeth, both functionally and cosmetically.


DENTURES | Dentures replace lost or missing teeth. A partial denture uses clasps or arms to hold on to the remaining teeth for stabilization. A full denture replaces all of your missing teeth and relies on suction, which forms between the surface of the denture and your gum tissue. Implants may be used to stabilize a denture. To find out more about our cosmetic dentistry services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at our office today.


To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services at Novaline Dental, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Together, we can help you achieve the confident and beautiful smile you deserve.

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